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August 13, 2014, 01:08:42 AM by Sinister | Views: 231 | Comments: 0

Voting has been re-enabled and is now fully functional
Please vote daily Here!

-Roatpkz Team
July 21, 2014, 10:04:41 PM by Robes | Views: 622 | Comments: 25

Anyone continuing to flame, hate and all that bs, I'll personally ban you myself from the forums. If you're going to post hatred, flame, or stupidity, please use the appropriate sections of forums, such as Rants, and only Rants. These topics do not belong in General, Screenshots & Videos, etc.

Yeah, this may be RoatPkz, and this may be a game, but you guys are starting to act far worse than ever before and it's getting kind of ridiculous. We can all be reasonable here, so listen up.

I'll tell you something a wise person once told me. "It takes a lot more energy to generate a mean thought, and then act on that mean thought, than it is to just smile and walk away." Some of you might not understand this quote, but even a game needs some form of respect.

You don't have to hang out with those you hate, but you also don't have to constantly antagonize those you hate because you think you're better than them, or even envy them. For those who do that, how can you possibly find any sort of fun in that, other than for your own personal and selfish amusement?

It's okay to be competitive, as this is a game, but please keep the flaming and disrespect to a minimum. Half of you guys are probably older than me, but you sure don't act like it. I'm not here to diminish any of you, just think of this as a wake-up call. Ring ring, telephone mothaf***a.

As we have our common trolls, some may look at this post and say "L0000000l" and continue with what they do. I can't help the way you act, but at least try to be somewhat decent.

That is all I have to say regarding this post and those who this post regards.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this post.


Edit: On another note, we now have a forums report & appeal section, for convenience.
July 18, 2014, 02:17:22 AM by Sinister | Views: 370 | Comments: 12

Forums have gone for quite some time without being taken care of, the posting of IP's and everything meaning Ignorance and i Have been Given Forum Moderator.

Forum rules will be enforced actively. don't take anything personal.
June 10, 2014, 05:38:18 PM by Gretar | Views: 1178 | Comments: 22

Server Updates

Custom Kits
The custom kits are really useful and will speed up your re-gearing.

>>Custom Kit Guide by 06 Mate<<

AFK commands (::afk & ::unafk)

If people try to send you a message while you're afk the server will let them know.

Mining Jail
Moderators will now jail you and make you mine certain amount ores if you use break the rules.

You will not want to end up in this pit.

Anti-advertisement bot
The Anti-Advertisement bot is really smart and keeps away advertisers on Roat Pkz. If you see one, please show me.

Custom Mute Times
If you use offensive language or break the rules, moderators can now mute you for a certain amount of time, and no, you can't re-log to get rid of it.

Donations have been added back, click HERE to donate.

Voting has been added back, click HERE to vote.

Small Fixes
- You can no longer use Granite Maul special attack on a dead character.
- Easts teleport has been moved further south.

Forum Updates

New Forum Theme!
The Green (Mystic Jade) is now our default forum theme. You can change it at the home portal.

Other Updates
- Portal Blocks (left & right sidebars on the portal) are now available to all members.
- Portal Navigation is now more convenient.
- Nested Quoting has been removed for convenience.
- Majority of Rank Icons/Rank Bars have been fixed.
- Elite Member colour has been changed.
- Post count-based rank bars have been removed for convenience.
- Post requirements for post count-based ranks have been slightly changed (edited forum guide as well).
- Donation and Voting redirection added under RoatPkz Official Board.
- Some Boards have been moved for convenience.

~RoatPkz Staff Team
June 06, 2014, 05:36:21 PM by Robes | Views: 295 | Comments: 0

Hello fellow members of the RoatPkz community, Robes here. Just letting all of you know that both Voting and Donations are finally back online. You can access either below by clicking the text or copy & pasting the url into your search bar.




~RoatPkz Staff Team

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