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If you're curious on what the store is all about and why these items are being listed please view this page.

If you end up purchasing keep in mind that you will be asked for your username once you click on the Yellow "Buy Now" button. Member status is for lifetime, although points will not count as Member status.

*If you'd like a refund of your payment please be sure to send us a mail at [email protected] , keep in mind that we can only refund your Member Points if you still have them on your account and you haven't used them! Member statuses/tickets are un-refundable.

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You will not get Member Status for buying Member Points!
With Member Points you can buy Packages from the Donator Guy!

After purchasing please do ::reward ingame!

Member status

You get Member status & 30 DP for this!
Yell = Donator

30 Member Points

$10.00 USD

Super-Member status


You get Super-Member Status!
You will also get the ability to do ::bank (opens up your bank).
Yell = Super-Donator

100 Member Points

$30.00 USD

Member points

When you buy Member Points you do not get Member Status.

If you'd like to know what you can do with your Member Points, please click here.


What special benefits and bonuses will I be rewarded for purchasing statuses/points ?

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What happens if I purchase items and the server gets closed or shut down?

We guarantee that Roat Pkz will not be shut down anytime soon, we've been online and running since the middle of September 2011 and promise to be online for a much longer time! You're items and status will not go to waste with us!

Do you accept PayPal ?

Yes we accept PayPal, we also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Eurocard, American Express, Diner's Club, Carte Blanche, Novus, JCB, Switch/Solo and Optima. Your will also have the option of ordering through, Amazon Payments™, or wire transfer in Euros directly on our BMT Micro order form.

I purchased items but I haven't received my Member status/points

First of all make sure that you've tried to do ::reward in-game. If it's still not working please give the payment around 24 houes to transfer. If it's still not there please call BMT-Micro at 1-800-414-4268 (toll free in the US and Canada) you can call them via Skype for free. If you don't feel like calling, you can email them at [email protected]

Can I pay with RSGP or Runescape accounts?

Roat Pkz will not be accepting anything related to Runescape.

I'm tired of being a member, or don't find it to be what I orginially thought it was. Could I be refunded?

Unfortunately if we have already given you what you paid for then there is no way for us to refund Member statues, unless the payment was made unauthorized or if you paid for Member points and you still have them. If that's the case please contact us at [email protected].

*Note purchasing is at your own risk. If the server is to ever shut down in the distant future we will NOT refund any of your payments unless you paid within 7 days of shut down.

Shop Terms

1 - All payments are final and Member statuses/tickets unrefundable.

2 - If a payment is suspected as fraud, we have the right to refuse service.

3 - If you lose any purchased items, it is not refundable without a valid reason, we have the right to refuse to refund in-game items.

4 - We have the right to modify any item with out notification.

5 - We have the right to change prices without notification.

6 - We have the right to change terms and agreements without notification.

7 - Any content debited in your account after we receive a receipt of your payment is merely an act of gratitude with you, however the content remains the property of Roat Pkz.

9 - Purchased items lost due to bugs, glitches, or scams, will not be refunded.

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