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Donator Status

Upon purchasing Donator Status you will obtain the ability to wear Donator only items. You will also have access to the Donator Zone, home to monsters that drop valuable PKP items. There are a great number of other features for donators, such as the yell command. Donators also receive free 30 donator points.
Price : $9.95

Super Donator Status

Upon purchasing Super Donator Status you will obtain all the exclusive benefits that regular donators have. You also be given the ability to use the bank command. Super donators also recieve 100 donator points free of charge.
Price : $29.95


Price : $7.95

PK Items

Price : $2.95

Huge Package

Price : $14.95

Rare Package

Price : $4.95

Pking Package

Price : $0.95

Donator Points

Price : $9.95

Donator/Points Tickets

Price : $9.95